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Persephone Mae Salter

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The Persephone Mae Foundation was brought to life by the family of Persephone Mae Salter. But it is only fair to say that her incredible spirit and personality are what truly gives the foundation life. Perserphone, or Persi as she is affectionately known, was born visually impaired as a result of Axenfeld-Reiger Syndrome. A rare syndrome with little information available to understand its complexities. Even more confusing is Persi is an identical twin to her sister, Colette, who was born normally sighted and without any complications of Axengeld-Reiger Syndrome. In the initial year of Persephone's life, we felt a tremendous need for explanations, diagnosis, and answers for the future. We also had to support Persi through 10 surgeries within her first year of life. 

 However, almost two years later, Persephone has given us all the answers we need. Her inspiring lack of fear, overwhelming determination, and larger than life personality have led us to a place of gratitude over sorrow. We feel incredibly grateful that God chose our family to love Persi. The joy and laughter she brings to us and her sisters, Colette and Tallulah, is a gift we can never repay. She has inspired us to do what we can to bring the same joy to children like her. At first all we could think of is what Persephone would not be able to do in her life. Now we are awe struck by her ability to impact the world in ways far beyond our own capabilities. The Persephone Mae Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit created to assist families with children effected by rare conditions and visual impairments. 

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" I Never Saw a Wild Thing Sorry for Itself"

D.H. Lawrence

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"Life will bring you pain all by itself. Your responsibility is to create joy."

   The Persephone Mae Foundation was created to support children living with blindness, rare syndromes and multiple impairments. Realizing every child is capable of impacting the world. For the support of the families and caregivers to these children. Empowering them to create a joyful life for their child. For the support of organizations and schools that contribute to the success of these children. Enabling them to provide exceptional services to these children. 

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"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another."

    The Persephone Mae Foundation is dedicated to giving support to children and their families affected by visual impairments, rare syndromes and multiple impairments. We provide assistance for supportive therapies, assistive technology/equipment and out of state medical care. We also contribute to schools and organizations that service these children.   


Wear your unicorn with pride

   We are proud to partner with Nike Golf and Titleist to offer signature Persephone Mae Foundation shirts, Pro-V golf balls and hats. We also have a line of Persephone Mae Unicorn t-shirts in mens, womens, and children's styles  to proudly honor those who can only be described as rare. Qualified donations will receive requested apparel items. Please click the "shop" tab to purchase. You may also inquire with us directly at  All proceeds from these items go directly to the Persephone Mae Foundation. All items are gift with donation and have no monetary value. 

Always the best week of the year 🌞 🌊 ❤
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Trump National at Doral
June 5, 2020

    Join us for the annual Persephone Mae Foundation Charitable Golf Outing. Hosted at the recently renovated Trump National Doral, just outside of Miami. Included is light breakfast, 18 holes with cart on the Gil Hanses designed Golden Palm Course, snack cart and luncheon. Please contact us for sponsership opportunities as well individual and group golf rates.


"Beautiful girl you can do hard things."

  If you have a child affected by a visual impairment, multiple impairments or rare syndrome, please contact us for support. We love to connect with other families and see how we can help you seek joy for your child. 

Persephone started swim therapy yesterda


"In a world of algorithms, hashtags, and followers; know the true importance of human connection."

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Tallulah accompanied Persephone to visit
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